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    Moodle Mobile 

    • What is Moodle Mobile

      Moodle Mobile is the official mobile app for Moodle. Browse the content of your courses, even when offline. Receive instant notifications of messages and other events. Quickly find and contact other people in your courses. Upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device.

      • Linking FNU Moodle to Moodle Mobile App

        After the Moodle Mobile App has been installed on your mobile devices, follow the following instructions to have it connected to you Moodle accounts at FNU Moodle Platform:

        Quick Instructions for Moodle Mobile App Sign-In

        1. Launch the app.

        2. In the Site URL field, type:

        3. Click Add.

        4. A dialog box appears – “You need to log in to the site”.

        5. If you successfully login, your device returns to the Moodle Mobile app, logged in with your account.

        • Basic features of Moodle Mobile

          Moodle Mobile features

          • mobile01.png

            See your courses at glance

            Your courses are listed with easy access to contents, participants, grades and notes. A useful filter field lets you find a particular course quickly. If your token expires during a session, you're prompted to re-enter your password and continue.

          • 02connectwithcourseparticipants.png

            Connect with course participants

            Infinite scrolling improves access to the participant view, with the complete user profile now displayed and available from every page.

          • 10PulltoRefresh.png

            Pull to refresh

            Most screens will allow you to pull to refresh, improving the real-time participation experience.

          • Mobile orientation.png

            Orientation and resolution support

            The app displays in portrait or landscape view, whatever your screen resolution.

          • 03coursecontent.png

            Easily access course content

            View course activities and download materials for offline use. Work through Books and IMS Content packages directly in the app. The downloading status of resources is preserved even when changing sections or pages.

          • 04ActivityCompletionCheckboxes.png

            Activity completion

            Track progress from your device with Activity completion. Automatic completion is registered, and students can also manually mark a task complete on their mobile.

          • 05Grades.png

            Grades and grading

            A Grades link for each course gives fingertip access to the gradebook, and teachers can view assignment submissions on the move.

          • 06Notes.png


            Teachers can view site, course and personal notes about their students and add their own notes.

          • 07Messages.png

            Message participants

            Send and view private messages to colleagues and students from the Messages link in the side tab.

          • 08Calendar.png

            Keep up to date with calendar events

            Site, course and user events can be viewed in the calendar.Calendar events can now be viewed offline and infinite scrolling is available.

          • 09PrivateFiles.png

            View and upload to your Private files

            Check the contents of your private files and upload media to them on the go. You're now allowed up to 50MB storage (depending on your SD card).

          • 12Notifications.png


            Keep up to date with notifications. The app supports both local (calendar events) and push (messages, forum posts, submitted assignments etc) notifications. See Mobile app notifications for more details. Infinite scrolling is available and local notifications have multi-site support.

          • MobileChoice.png

            Make choices

            The app supports students making and removing choices.

          • MobileappChat.png

            Engage in chat, on the move

            Participate in a course Chat activity.

          • MobileSurvey.png

            Feed back to teachers with a survey

            Surveys may now be taken using the app.

          • coursesearchmobile.png

            Search the list of courses

            App users can search courses to find one they wish to take.

          • enrolmemobile.png

            Enrol yourself from your smartphone

            Found a course you like? Enrol immediately via the app.

          • scorm syncing.png

            Play SCORM packages on and off-line

            The Moodle Mobile SCORM player tracks interactions and synchronises when you're back online.

          • MobDownloadAllSections.png

            Download all course sections

            Easily download all sections to view offline.

          • MMobileGlossary.png

            Browse glossary entries

            Search for and browse glossary entries.

          • MobileQuiz.png

            Take quizzes on your mobile

            Quizzes may now be completed on the move. Find out more about the Moodle Mobile quiz.

          • 31MO.png

            Learning plans

            Learning plans may be viewed and progress checked from the mobile.

          • Docs Mobile GradesLink.png

            Students: See your course grades easily

            A new Grades link allows you to quickly view course grades.

          • Mobile app Teacher Grading.png

            Teachers: Grade assignments

            Assignments may be graded on the move, from the app and may be graded offline

          • Docs Mobile BadgesDisplay.png

            View badges from your profile

            Badges are now visible from a link in the user profile

          • Docs Mobile Preferences.png

            Notifications & Messaging preferences

            New preferences screen lets you decide how to be alerted

          • Moodle Mobile FAQ'S


            How can I get the Moodle Mobile app?

            The Moodle Mobile app is available for free from Google Play and the Apple Store. See Moodle Mobile downloads for links. You can also install the app directly from your mobile device by searching for 'Moodle Mobile' with author/owner 'Moodle Pty Ltd'.

            I can't get the app to work. What do I do?

            The Moodle Mobile app will ONLY work with Moodle sites that have been set up to allow it. Please talk to your Moodle administrator if you have any problems connecting.

            What permissions does the app require?

            The app requires the following permissions:

            • Record audio - for uploading to your Moodle site
            • Read and modify the contents of your SD card - for content to be downloaded to your SD Card for offline access.
            • Network access - to be able to connect with your Moodle site and check if you are connected, and if not to switch to offline mode.
            • Run at startup - to receive local notifications even when the app is running in the background.
            • Prevent phone from sleeping - to receive push notifications anytime.

            I can't see my course on the app. What do I do?

            Check with your course tutor that you are correctly enrolled.

            Why can't I upload my assignment on the app?

            Check with your Moodle site administrator.

            Why can't I sometimes access the app or submit anything to it?

            This could be because of interruptions in your internet connection. Wait a while and try again. If you continue to have problems, contact your Moodle site administrator.

            Is there a space limit on my files?

            Assignments will have a size limit which you can see. For other space limit questions, check with your Moodle site administrator.

            Who should I contact for help with the app?

            Your Moodle site administrator can assist you in getting the app to work correctly.

            When are activities completed offline synchronized?

            See Moodle Mobile synchronization.


            How can I enable videos in my course to be downloaded?

            See the section 'Media download for offline usage' in Creating Moodle Mobile friendly courses.

            Which course format is it best to use?

            Topics or weekly course format is best suited to mobile devices.

            How do I make YouTube links open automatically in the app?

            Add YouTube links as a URL resource.

            Why can't my students see their courses?

            If you or an administrator have correctly enrolled them in a course, they can see it in their mobile app. If they are correctly enrolled but can still not see their course, ask them to check with your Moodle site administrator.

            I can't mark assignments in the app?

            Grading assignments is on the roadmap and will be available shortly.

            What communications tools can I use in the app to engage with my learners?

            See Mobile app notifications. Chat, forums and messaging are all supported by the app.

            My protected Vimeo videos are not playing in the app

            See this forum discussion with a workaround: