Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) is an important management function in today’s business, Non-Governmental Organizations and government landscape. Monitoring and Evaluation systems essentially focus on the tracking and evaluation of organizational performance. Governments, as well as business managers are increasingly challenged to provide evidence for whether their projects or policies are achieving clearly defined outcomes and impacts. Monitoring and Evaluation systems provide feedback on the actual outcomes and goals of government programmes and projects. M&E systems require answers to questions like:
What objectives and expected outcomes has the department set?
Have measurable outcomes and impacts been achieved?
Are these outcomes and impacts sustainable?
From this point of departure, it is essential that leaders, managers, teams and individuals in organizations, public and private, develop their skills to understand, track and report on monitoring and evaluation. This course on Monitoring & Evaluation will empower you to understand, direct and implement the phases of a robust and results-based M&E framework.