This course follows from Clinical Dentistry One and introduces the students to their first encounter with the patient in the clinical setting. Basic principles previously taught in Year One such as Infection Control, Occupational Health and Safety, and use of dental materials are continued in Year Two. The students in this course are given the basic important principles and practice of clinical diagnostic reasoning, starting with interviewing the patient for data related to complaints and physical examination focused on extra‐ and intra‐oral findings.
The student would have had the foundation knowledge gained from the previous year in Basic Science, Oral Biology and Oral Microbiology to augment application and performance in Clinical Dentistry. Application of principles concurrently being taught in Periodontology and Conservative dentistry are also performed. Students are given an early and brief overview of Professionalism, Ethical Practice and Medico‐legal aspects of dental practice, and how medical emergencies are managed from the point of view of what could happen in a dental setting. The thrust of this course is the manual skills development and the development of diagnostic and decision ‐ making and clinical reasoning skills needed to identify dental problems and determine what is to be done about them. Throughout the year, students are carefully supervised by their clinical teachers in such a way that the students are fully involved in the clinical processes, but are guided closely.