The purpose of this course is summarized below:
1. To develop and improve proficiency in basic clinical skills in obstetrics including the ability to:
Obtain and integrate a full and accurate obstetric and gynaecological history with that of a physical examination and appropriate investigations.
Perform pelvic examination under supervision in an ethical and compassionate manner.
Interpret the findings, formulate a provisional diagnosis, institute appropriate management as well as to monitor the progress of the patient's condition.
2. To demonstrate competence in performing basic practical procedures like pelvic examination, papsmears, high vaginal swabs and vaginal examination on a pregnant patient as well as demonstrating competency in eliciting cervical excitation tenderness to exclude ectopic pregnancy, pelvic inflammatory disease and any other gynaecological pathology.
3. To develop and improve knowledge and develop an understanding of the promotion of female reproductive health, the illnesses and diseases specific to women and to reproduction, and the various methods of preventing these specific pathologies. To be able to perform bimanual pelvic examination, to determine the size, position and mobility of the uterus. All this are to be conducted with patient's consent.
4. To demonstrate the ability to recognize common obstetric emergencies, manage them appropriately in the initial phase and plan ongoing care (with referral if required).
5. To develop and reinforce attitudes that promote high standards of practice in relation to the health care of women and their sexual and reproductive health needs. Be able to involve family members in counseling and improving sexual and reproductive health needs of women.