Research is an essential and powerful tool in progressing development in various fields. Selections of appropriate research methods, tools and techniques often result in the discovery of new products, new facts, new concepts and new ways of doing things. This course will help students develop their critical thinking, reading and writing skills to confidently prepare them for Master’s and PhD research work. The course will critically investigate, examine and apply the various research processes and techniques in the design and crafting of research problems/questions and objectives with appropriate variables and sampling protocol as part of the drafting, writing and reviewing of quality research proposals, in preparation for the candidature confirmation. The conduct of critical reviews of literature of various credible sources, and to ensure proper citations and referencing. Students are expected to work very closely with their supervisors in endorsing their research activities and milestones. This course is part of the HDR preparatory courses, as a milestone for Masters’ and PhDs’ research thesis.

4.0 Assessment
Component Weighting Minimum Level
Literature Review 30% 60%
(Research plan 20%
defense oral
Research Proposal 50%